A Quick Look at Obadiah, Jonah, and Joel

Obadiah 1. Though the shortest book of the Old Testament, the book of Obadiah packs a powerful message using the descendants of Esau, Edom, as an example. The first section, 1-9, begins by pointing out Edom’s pride against God and his people. The middle section gets specific with the immoral deeds of Edom directly against […]

A TBI Opportunity That Needs Your Help

Hi there, Generally speaking, I am a survivor of a traumatic brain injury.  A speeding car hit me from behind while riding a skateboard on the Friday evening of September 18, 2015. I was life lined to IU Methodist Hospital where I received a craniotomy to remove approximately half of my skull, some of which was […]

Why the “faithless bride” analogy in Ezekiel 16?

Following the unfruitful vine analogy in chapter 15, Ezekiel turns to an even deeper, more crude analogy to that of adultery (chapter 16). The faithless bride analogy speaks analogous volumes to Israel’s unfaithfulness to God and their covenant with Him. Biblically speaking, marriage is a serious deal between one man and one woman. The first item […]

My Answer to a Futuristic & Complex Ethical Dilemma

The following question is an intriguing and possibly prophetic inquiry from the Ethics and Religious Liberty (ERLC) conference on Christian ethics from last May… Imagine you are further along in your ministry, thirty years into the future. Irving (the name is back in vogue, becoming trendy again sometime in the 2030s), a leader in your […]

Recovering from Racism: The Southern Baptist Convention’s Social Justification for Slavery (P3)

The initial post about the Southern Baptist Convention’s history of racism discusses their theological justifications for slavery. The second post speaks on their economic ‘excuse’ for slavery during the 19th century. For the third post, the convention’s social surroundings are examined to help explain a third reason for promoting slavery. Socially speaking, slavery had a […]

What does ‘liberty’ mean for the Christian?

The term ‘liberty’ has become an arbitrary abstraction of sorts. Everyone has his or her own definition of liberty. The variety of definitions for liberty is not necessarily the result of an infectious postmodernism, but merely a contextual matter. The context of the term ‘liberty’ must be understood in order to derive any meaning from […]

Recovering from Racism: The Southern Baptist Convention’s Theological Justifications(P1)

About two-hundred years have passed and yet the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) history of racism still has a heavy weight on the denomination. Nevertheless, the SBC can—like the God of reconciliation they believe in—redeem their problematic past through theological, economic, and social change. This proposal can help rectify the convention’s history of racism because racism […]