Postmodernism and Evangelicalism

Dr. Ted Cabal, professor of philosophy at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, summarizes postmodern thought with these two words: “Uncritical certainty.” Cabal’s candid definition simplifies the fact that within the postmodern worldview, the only thing that can be critically determined as certain is that nothing can be critically determined as certain. The worldview is self-defeating. […]

Which came first, the Canon or the Church?

The issue of whether the canon of Scripture came before the church or vice versa is really a question of definitions. If the true definition of “canon” (in a Christian context) comes from the immediacy of God’s spoken Word, and the definition of the Church comes from God’s chosen people, then it follows that there […]

3 Non-Negotiable Marks of the Baptist Faith

The Baptist faith has held a consistent religious tradition based on scriptural conviction. Although there are many Baptist sects and denominations, all Baptists can foundationally have a streamlined agreement on these three areas. At least, that is what a study of Baptist history tells me…   Religious Liberty Baptists can cohesively agree on the importance […]

No Creed But Christ? A Glance at Baptist History

Does the idea of sola scriptura or Scripture Alone rightfully lead to the conclusion that Baptists are to be solely people of the Word and not people of creeds? I think not. The motto, “No creed but Christ”, is a pathetic description of the Baptist faith as history shows us. A common refutation to such […]